GMO Products Can Be Organic

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Recently I came across an article from Nutrition Today and thought that it would be valuable information for health and nutrition enthusiasts who have not yet seen it to have the opportunity to read and digest its substance. So, I have taken the liberty to publish it here for your perusal.

We decided to start the year with articles featuring especially innovative thinking. Take a look at GMO’s Can be Organic and try to get your mind around that. Dr. Dennis Saviano’s group at Purdue, led by Maria Belin Salazar, has put together an interesting article on that issue. It will undoubtedly raise some hackles but is worth thinking about. That’s only the beginning. Many of us have benefited over the years from Dr. Christine Bruhn’s excellent advice on communicating information about food science and nutrition.  After she received the prestigious Trailblazer Award from the Institute of Food Science and sister societies American Society for Nutrition and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics we asked her to tell us what she told her listeners on the day she received the reward. Her article, Stepping Up to the Plate, provides advice about communicating food and nutrition information after decades of doing it successfully.

The pandemic is still upon us and we cannot neglect it. Among the hardest hit are those in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities who suffer from cognitive difficulties. Sadly, most of us have relatives or know someone with a loved one suffering from similar illnesses in one of these facilities Therefore Dr. Cheryl Achterberg’s helpful and moving perspective entitled A Personal Perspective on Alzheimer’s Disease recounts this eminent nutritionist’s struggles and triumphs in giving care to a loved one with the disease. Our resident guru on COVID, Dr. Roger Clemens and his crew weigh in with a hardnosed look at the evidence about preventing or treating COVID with dietary supplements in Coronavirus (CoV) and Nutrition: What is the Evidence for Dietary Supplement Use for COVID 19 Control and Management?.  While there isn’t much firm evidence for most supplements, there is clear evidence that nutrition services are needed more than ever during this pandemic, and Dr. Kathy Kolasa and her group offer an excellent article, Meeting the Challenge of Providing Nutrition Services During the COVID 19 Pandemic,about what her colleagues are doing to keep their clients and patients well-nourished and safe.

All of us need to do more when it comes to food waste and sustainability. Dr. Zach Conrad leads an article on Reducing Food Waste and Saving Money: A Guide for Nutritionists. Decreasing food waste and saving money at the same time ā€” that means that doing good for the sustainability cause and doing well for one’s own finances is like the proverbial goal of having your cake and eating it too!  .ā€‹

As I write this, the snow is falling, and at last vaccines are flowing out to those who so desperately need them. By next issue let us hope that all of the readers of Nutrition Today will have been vaccinated. In the meantime, and thereafter, keep your distance, keep your mask on and stay safe and healthy.

Johanna Dwyer

Editor, Nutrition Today

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